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ASSISI: Mixing Animals with Robots in a Hybrid Society
Thomas Schmickl, Stjepan Bogdan, Luís Correia, Serge Kernbach, Francesco Mondada, Michael Bodi, Alexey Gribovskiy, Sibylle Hahshold, Damjan Miklic, Martina Szopek, Ronald Thenius, José Halloy
Biomimetic and Biohybrid Systems Lecture Notes in Computer Science 8064, (2013), 441-443

Towards Bio-hybrid Systems Made of Social Animals and Robots
José Halloy, Francesco Mondada, Serge Kernbach, Thomas Schmickl
In: N.F. Lepora et al. (eds.): Living Machines 2013, Lecture Notes In Artificial Intelligence, LNAI 8064, (2013), 384-386

A general methodology for the control of mixed natural-artificial societies
Francesco Mondada, José Halloy, Alcherio Martinoli, Nikolaus Correll, Alexey Gribovskiy, Grégory Sempo, Roland Siegwart and Jean-Louis Deneubourg
In Handbook of collective robotics, Ed. Kerbach, S., Pan Stanford Publishing. (2013)