7 Quanticol technical reports

D. Latella, M. Loreti and M. Massink. On-the-fly PCTL Fast Mean-Field Model-Checking for Self-organising Coordination. Preliminary version.QUANTICOL TR-QC-01-2013. Dec. 17, 2013.

M.H. ter Beek, S. Gnesi, and A. Fantechi. Chaining available tools to support the modelling and analysis of a bike-sharing product line: An experience report. TR-QC-02-2013. Dec. 20, 2013.

M.H. ter Beek, S. Gnesi, and F. Mazzanti. Model Checking Value-Passing Modal Specifications. TR-QC-03-2013. Dec. 20, 2013.

V. Ciancia, D. Latella, M. Massink. Logics of Space and Time. TR-QC-01-2014. Jan. 08, 2014.

G. Iacobelli, M. Tribastone, A. Vandin. Differential Ordinary Lumpability in Markovian Process Algebra. TR-QC-02-2014. Feb. 04, 2014.

D. Latella, M. Loreti, M. Massink, V. Senni. Stochastically timed predicate-based communication primitives for autonomic computing – Full Paper. TR-QC-03-2014. Feb. 05, 2014.

R. Paškauskas, L. Bortolussi. Multiscale Reductions of Mean Field and Stochastic Models. TR-QC-04-2014. Feb. 05, 2014.

All available at the Quanticol website: http://blog.inf.ed.ac.uk/quanticol/