Adaptive Collective Systems – Herding Black Sheep

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This book is about understanding, designing, controlling, and governing adaptive collective systems. It is intended for readers from master’s students to Ph.D. students, from engineers to decision makers, and anyone else who is interested in understanding how technologies are changing the way we think and live.

The authors are academics working in various areas of a new rising field: adaptive collective systems.

Stuart Anderson (The University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom | Smart Society)
Nicolas Bredeche (Université Pierre et Marie Curie, France)
A.E. Eiben (VU University Amsterdam, Netherlands | FoCAS CA)
George Kampis (DFKI, Germany | Allow Ensembles and Smart Society)
Maarten van Steen (VU University Amsterdam, Netherlands)

Book Sprint collaborative writing session facilitator: Adam Hyde
Editor: Sandra Sarala
Designer: Henrik van Leeuwen

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