ASCENS Spring School 2015

ASCENS Spring School

Spring School on Engineering Collective Autonomic Systems

ASCENS Spring School 2015

The ECAS Spring School was a success. The school provided a comprehensive overview of the results of the ASCENS project on collective self-aware autonomic systems to 35 PhD students. The presentations covered theoretical and pragmatical aspects of the main research topics on which the project focused during the last four and half years.

ASCENS Spring School 2015

The school program included two keynotes, two industry talks and a set of presentations by ASCENS experts in the field of engineering collective autonomic systems. The keynote speakers were Joseph Sifakis of the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne and Marco Dorigo of the Univeristy Libre of Brussels. Henry Bensler from Volkswagen and Max Ahrens from Zimory GmbH were in charge of the industry talks.

ASCENS Spring School 2015

Special emphasis was put on the pragmatic work in which the participants applied ASCENS languages, techniques and tools to case studies in the swarm robotics, cloud computing and e-mobility field.

ASCENS Spring School 2015

ECAS was organised by the ASCENS Project

March 23-27, 2015 | Lucca, Italy

The ASCENS Spring School is aimed to give PhD students and other young researchers a comprehensive overview of theoretical, practical, and technological issues related to collective self-aware autonomic systems – so-called ensembles.

Keynote speakers: Marco Dorigo and Joseph Sifakis

Industry Talks to be announced

Presentations by ASCENS experts on:

  • Languages for collective autonomic systems
  • Adaptation, awareness and knowledge representation of ensembles
  • Modeling and verification of self-aware systems
  • Engineering ensembles

Team work on case studies

Team presentations and feedback