ASSISI | bf present @ Living Machines, London 2013

ASSISI | bf organised a workshop on bio-hybrid societies and bio-hybrid systems at the Living Machines conference in London, 2nd of August, 2013. At this workshop titled “Emergent social behaviours in bio-hybrid systems” was held at Imperial College London. It was co-organized by Stuart P. Wilson, José Halloy and Thomas Schmickl. A distinguished selection of key scientists in the fields of bio-hybrid systems and emergence in social systems showcased
their approaches towards bio-hybrid systems to the community and discussed implications of their work and their future work plans with the audience. The group focussed on bio-hybrid systems, which are systems that consist of a mechanical (robotic) part and a natural (organic) part. This holds for products from synthetic biology, electro-mechanic implants in organisms, organic implants in machines to mixed societies consisting of animals and robots. In addition to that, the scope of the workshop stretched also to bio-inspired and bio-mimetic swarm robotics and artificial evolution systems.

Full details of the event are available on the ASSISI | bf website.