Consultation for new FET Proactive topics

Do you have a great idea for a new technology that is not possible yet? Could it become real if Europe’s best minds were put on the task? Share your view and the European Commission can make it happen via the Future and Emerging Technologies programme.

The consultation (open till 30 June) is organised as a series of discussions, in which contributors can suggest ideas for a new FET Proactive initiative or discuss the 9 research topics identified in the previous consultation to determine whether they are still relevant today:

  • Ideas for new topics (what’s new that isn’t in the other 9 topics?)
  • Bottom-up intelligent construction
  • Constructive symbiosis
  • Ecological technology
  • Global Systems Science
  • Knowing, doing and being
  • Nano-optomechanical technologies
  • New possibilities at the nano-bio-chem interface
  • Quantum technologies
  • Time for time

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