FoCAS ‘Best Paper Award’ @ CoSMoS 2013

FoCAS supported a Best Paper Award at the 6th Complex Systems Modelling and Simulation Workshop (CoSMOS 2013), University of Milano-Bicocca, Italy 1st – 5th July.

The winner of the FoCAS award for best CAS paper at CoSMoS 2013 was:

Li Tao, Jiming Liu: Understanding Self-Organized Regularities: AOC-Based Modeling of Complex Healthcare Systems

Abstract: A healthcare system, as a well-recognized complex system, exhibits certain types of self-organized regularities, such as the statistical distribution of wait-time variations. What remains to be a challenge in understanding a complex healthcare system is how to model and characterize emergent self-organized regularities by taking into account the underlying individual-level behavior (e.g., patient hospital selection behavior) with respect to various impact factors (e.g., geographic accessibility to services, hospital resourcefulness, and service performance). In this paper, we present an Autonomy-Oriented Computing (AOC) approach to modeling and simulating service utilization in the context of a cardiac surgery system, so as to characterize the self-regulating patient arrivals and wait time. By experimenting with the AOC-based cardiac surgery system model (AOC-CSS), we are able to explain how the global-level regularities in patient arrivals and wait time may emerge from the individual-level patient hospital selection behavior and its interrelationship with hospital wait time.

Jiming Liu Best paper Award

Susan Stepney presenting award to Jiming Lui

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