FoCAS @Evostar2015

Swarm Organ and Assisi_bf at Evostar 2015

Thomas Schmickl (ASSISI_bf) with Gusz Eiben (FoCAS CA) and James Sharpe (Swarm Organ)

The FoCAS projects Swarm Organ and ASSISI_bf showed off their research at the EvoStar conferences in Copenhagen in April 2015, taking part in a poster and demo session organised in conjunction with the FoCAS coordination action. Swarm Organ Coordinator James Sharpe and colleague Ivica Slavkov described how swarms of GRN-controlled agents display adaptive tissue-like organization, collectively organising into complex spatial arrangements despite each agent having only local awareness. A video with current project results demonstrated morphogenesis-like behaviour of a swarm of kilobots, with demonstrations contributed by the Swarm-Organ project partners.

ASSISI_bf Coordinator Thomas Schmickl presented recent developments from the ASSISI_bf project which aims to establish a robotic society capable of developing communication channels to animal societies. Using evolutionary algorithms, it is hoped that robots will be able to adapt so they can learn to interact with animals in a desired way.

EvoStar ( comprises four co-located conferences held every spring : EuroGP (Genetic Programming), EvoCOP (Evolutionary Computation in Combinatorial Optimisation), EvoMUSART (Evolutionary and Biologically Inspired Music, Sound, Art and Design) and EvoApplications (Applications of Evolutionary and bio-inspired Computation), which includes EvoRobot (Evolutionary Computation in Robotics).