FoCAS Training App Sprint

From 24 to 26 September 2014, a dozen researchers who are active in Collactive Adaptive Systems (CAS) research sequestered themselves in Barcelona to collect and curate training material for CAS research. The researchers represent diverse CAS topics ranging from evolutionary robotics to communications engineering and multi-agent systems. The researchers collated over a hundred items and identified nine categories to group these contributions. They also collaborated to provide introductory text describing each of the categories and to introduce the CAS research field.

The collected training material forms the content of the FOCAS App. The app, suitable for iOS as well as Android, will provide a ‘living textbook’ that offers content of various types and levels. Content types include scientific publications, presentations, tutorials, videos, interactive demo software, and links to miscellaneous external material, such as books or relevant websites.

Although the form of an app is unconventional for a textbook, its function is the usual one: it provides an introduction to the scientific / technical field of CAS). Its target audience includes students, PhD students and researchers in all areas that are concerned with almost any aspect of CAS. Inherently to the novel form, the app contents are not finalized, but are continually extended and adjusted. In fact, a second gathering of experts from the FOCAS projects will take place this fall.

FoCAS Training App

Screenshot from the ‘in-development’ FoCAS Training App