FoCAS sponsor invited speaker at WETICE 2014

FoCAS is sponsoring invited speaker Markus Aleksy from ABB, Germany as invited speaker at the WETICE conference taking place in Parma on 23-25 June who will discuss adaptive mobile and wearable applications.

WETICE is the 23rd IEEE International Conference on Enabling Technologies: Infrastructre for Collaborative Enterprises, more information at

Title: Wearable & Mobile Systems for Improved Service Delivery & Collaboration

Markus Aleksy

Recent initiatives, such as Industry 4.0, are focusing on developing smart factories that provide flexible, resource-efficient, and ergonomic capabilities. Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) and the Internet of Things (IoT) are the building blocks to provide such capabilities. In order to keep such capabilities at peak performance, it is crucial to plan at an early stage how to provide through-life service.

To enable those through-life services, wearable and mobile systems can provide a significant impact on implementing service solutions. They support creating, accessing, processing, storing, and communicating information without being constrained to a single location. Moreover, sensor technologies provide the mobile worker with the opportunity to measure environmental condition. The development of such systems is however complex and difficult task in such context-awareness environment. ‘Smart’ and ‘context-aware’ systems although great for end-users are challenging to design, maintain, and integrate in order to provide non-intrusive system with user-friendly interfaces. Furthermore, the coverage of such applications in the service domain requires the utilization of appropriate techniques to equipment localization and identification, adaptation, collaboration with peers and remote experts, as well as considering the current limitations of such devices.