FoCAS sponsor speaker at UBICOMP 2015 Workshop, Osaka, Japan

FoCAS are sponsoring Mirko Viroli (Alma Mater Studiorum-Università di Bologna) to deliver a talk at UBICOMP workshop – Collective Adaptation in very large scale UBICOMP: The Superorganism of Massive Collective Wearables

Mirko Viroli

Mirko Viroli

Title: Programming Very-large Scale Systems of Wearables

Emerging and future pervasive computing scenarios will soon feature a dramatic increase in the number of networked wearable devices: any computational mechanism involving humans (sensing, actuation, situation recognition, decision-making) will have the opportunity of involving large ensembles. What would be the proper programming model for such systems? We argue that it is nothing about current mainstream approaches, since they lack the suitable abstractions needed to smoothly address explosion of scale, resiliency and self-* properties, and heterogeneity of communication and computation infrastructure. We propose aggregate computing, a new approach for the development of large-scale, emerging pervasive computing systems. It considers as reference computing “machine” the overall “Superorganism of Wearables”, abstracted to a mobile and densely interconnected continuum capable of manipulating physically-distributed computational structures as a whole. Independence from the details of the underlying network (size, density, topology, mobility) and support of resilience properties (adaptation, robustness, stabilisation) will no longer be a programming concern, but rather inherent features of the approach achieved by self-organisation “under-the-hood”. In this talk, we give an overview of aggregate computing, and discuss its many facets and challenges: theoretical ground, production toolchain, libraries of reusable quality components, and run-time support.

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