Perspectives on Collectives

Scientific Insights into Collective Adaptive Systems

We live in a technology-rich world in which tiny devices are wovan into structures all around us and carried by (and even embedded in) people. Massive ensembles of digital artefacts form a Socio-Technical Fabric, weaving social and technological phenomena together to produce systems that collaborate and function as a part of an artificial society that adapts seamlessly to the tasks required of it. These ensembles are referred to as Collective Adaptive Systems. Although promising much reward, these systems bring significant new technical and scientific challenges; the members of the ensemble can be highly heterogeneous (computers, robots, agents, devices, biological entities, etc), each operating at different temporal and spatial scales, and each member can have different (potentially conflicting) objectives and goals. Unexpected and undesirable phenomena might emerge, hence methods of controlling the system must be determined. In order to overcome these challenges, scientists from a range of disciplines are collaborating to develop levels of understanding that will lead to new design and operating principles and applications that impact all aspects of society.

This collection of curated multimedia resources offers a focused yet expansive experience of Collective Adaptive Systems research from particular viewpoints - bringing together inspiring background materials with cutting-edge investigation. So, lean forward and discover some of the latest insights from the worlds leading scientists:

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