FoCAS App Now Available! The textbook of the future…

The FoCAS App is now available on both the Google Play and Apple iTunes stores.


Screenshot from the CAS in Nature section of the FoCAS App

The Focas App is the textbook of the future: a free, evolving, searchable and accessible collection of curated material about Collective Adaptive Systems at your fingertips.

The FoCAS app is a knowledge base about Collective Adaptive Systems (CAS):

  • What is a CAS?
  • Is a colony of bees a CAS?
  • Is the internet a CAS?
  • How can you build a CAS from a bunch of robots?
  • Can a CAS learn? Are they dangerous?
  • What can I do with them?

The FoCAS App answers these and many others through a collection of papers, movies, presentations, demonstrations, tutorials and references.

Whether you’re a student looking for a definition, a researcher trying to widen your understanding of CAS research or just want to know a bit more about CASs, the material in the app will help you find out what you need.

This app allows you to have material ranging from introductory descriptions to cutting edge research papers available any time, anywhere.