Reasons not to be scared of robots

A public talk by Jon Timmis

Prof Jon TImmis from University of York gave a public talk at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe on 6 August 2013. The talk was sponsored by the Edinburgh Skeptics Society, who organise public science events at the Edinburgh Fringe, the world’s largest arts festival.

His talk demonstrated a series of tasks that robots can do, especially when working in robotic swarms and working collectively to undertake tasks that individual robots cannot achieve by themselves. This has been inspired by systems in nature such as ant colonies and immune systems. The complicated actions involved in even simple manoeuvers was shown in a series of amusing videos which also demonstrated how robots can even attempt to repair themselves. Several robots were passed through the audience of approximately 50 persons for a closer look. Some key ethical and security considerations were explored, as well as the significant challenges which are still to be faced including battery life and reliability.

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