Special Issue on Collective Adaptive Systems

Scalable Computing: Practice and Experience

Scientific International Journal for Parallel and Distributed Computing

A special issue that arose from the FoCAS Workshop @ SASO 2014.

View here: http://www.scpe.org/index.php/scpe/issue/view/128

Special Issue:

  • Introduction to the Special Issue on Collective Adaptive Systems
    Giacomo Cabri, Emma Hart
  • On Intention-Propagation-Based Prediction in Autonomously Self-adapting Navigation
    Laszlo Varga
  • Application of Collective Movement in Real Life Scenarios: Overview of Current Flocking Solutions
    Bernat Wiandt, Andras Kokuti, Vilmos Simon
  • Overlay Service Computing – Modular and Reconfigurable Collective Adaptive Systems
    Evangelos Pournaras
  • SODAP: Self-Organized Topology Protection for Superpeer P2P Networks
    Paul L. Snyder, Giuseppe Valetto


  • Classifying and Filtering Users by Similarity Measures for Trust Management in Cloud Environment
    Fatima Zohra Filali, Belabbas Yagoubi
  • Early Prediction of the Cost of Cloud Usage for HPC Applications
    Massimiliano Rak, Mauro Turtur, Umberto Villano
  • Challenges in Formal Methods for Testing and Verification of Cloud Computing Systems
    Amjad Gawanmeh, Ahmad Alomari

View here: http://www.scpe.org/index.php/scpe/issue/view/128