Update from subCULTron

Already a few months after its start, the project subCULTRon had the great opportunity to present its first prototypes at the AQUAE VENICE 2015 in cooperation with the world exposition EXPO 2015. Over 800 visitors attended the presentation, which took place from the 12th to the 16th of October 2015. Besides highly interesting discussions with visitors from industry and politics, we were very happy to welcome several school classes (picture). Our efforts of developing and presenting the hardware, was rewarded with very enthusiastic discussions about underwater robotics and the necessity of marine science and environmental monitoring. Due to several parallel events at the venue, we had the possibility to present our robots and the ideas of subCULTron to other scientists, policymakers and businessmen from all over Europe. During the discussions with these guests from very different fields, we gained inspiration for novel fields of application for the subCULTron robotic system. Thus our presentation at the EXPO 2015 turned from a simple exhibition into a highly satisfying and inspiring time and interaction with a broad European, multidisciplinary (and multi-aged) audience. This allowed us to take home a lot of new ideas and the memory of a great experience.