Year of CoCoRo – 52 Videos in 2015

Watch the world’s largest autonomous underwater swarm emerge!

CoCoRo Robot

Video 1/52: Our CoCoRo system consists of 3 types of robots. One is Jeff, a very fast and agile small autonomous swarm robot. This is an overview of his capabilities

The Artificial Life Lab Graz presents 2015 the “Year of CoCoRo” (TYOC). Broadcast weekly throughout 2015 on several internet channels.

Every week we will present a new video that shows the scientific/engineering outcome of our recently ranked „excellent“ EU-ICT project CoCoRo (Collective Cognitive Robotics): CoCoRo is currently holding the largest autonomous underwater swarm in the world with 41 robots of 3 different kinds.

With TYOC we aim to give a new input to the swarm-intelligence, swarm-robotics and underwater-robotics community and to engage the public. It also can become the spark for a new platform for discussions on these important topics.

CoCoRo Swarm

Video 2/52: The CoCoRo system is currently the largest autonomous underwater swarm in the world. This video briefly shows some of its components and functions

Watch how collective cognition emerges!

Viewers can watch the swarm emerging and observe how it:

  • learns about the environment by executing collective search & exploration tasks
  • chooses sub-habitats in the environment collectively
  • exhibits cognitive capabilities (collective decision making, collective memory, meta-
    cognition and even pass the ‘mirror test’)
  • exhibits division of labour within the swarm society
  • operates in several distinct environments (aquariums/tanks, pools, sea-harbor by
    exploiting several modes of actuation and sensing

How to follow

TYOC will be broadcast via a YouTube playlist, which will grow weekly in 2015 to 52 movies at the end:

Those entries will then be reflected, amongst other entries originating from our lab in:

CoCoRo Swarm

Video 3/52: A swarm of Jeff robots is browsing the environment. They use their front blue light sensors to detect and avoid obstacles

Also, TYOC on our Twitters:


The project CoCoRo started in 2011 – with 100 pages of concepts, some early prototypes of software and no hardware. In short, we started from scratch: 5 partners from 5 different EU countries started to work together on the fancy and challenging goal to create a collective cognitive system which is operating autonomously below the water surface. Today, we have the largest autonomous underwater swarm in the world with 41 robots of 3 different kinds.

CoCoRo Robot

Video 4/52: In a complex underwater habitat a swarm of Jeff robots first searches for a magnetic target. Then they communicate to Lily robots at smaller depths to join the group

During the 3.5 years of the project runtime we conducted many experiments and workshops, which were documented in a collection of more than 80 edited videos. The 52 most interesting of these videos will be presented – thematically ordered – in The Year of CoCoRo (TYOC) 2015 event.

With those engaging videos, we aim to share the results of our project and also the fascinating impressions of an autonomous underwater swarm with the public and of course with the scientific community.

What comes next

There will be a follow-up project of CoCoRo, bringing our swarm to more challenging environments. The details of this follow-up project are still confidential yet. However, we plan to start the new project and announce its details within the TYOC event, so, it’s worth staying tuned!